Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is an approach that was developed by Hal and Sidra Stone.

It originated in their personal relationship. Over time, through deepening understanding, a theoretical framework was developed for Voice Dialogue. And it found many applications.

Voice Dialogue has evolved into an exceptionally refined, fundamental and specific approach, based on the assumption that a human being consists of parts, which are called subpersonalities. In this approach we work with the experience and awareness of these subpersonalities. The subpersonalities (and constellations thereof) are energy bodies that our psyche consists in. Each of them has its own will, its own wishes, its own history and its own world of experience and feelings.

Voice Dialogue is a natural approach that aligns with what is and brings profoundness in what is. Everything is already there. All psychic abilities are potentially already present within us. Through talent and by the process of socialization, some of these potentials grow out, and because of that they form a large part of who (we think) we are. Other potentials are pushed away or are not developed. Our field of vulnerability is the spark in this energetic development process of our psyche.

There can be conflict between different subpersonalities, because it is a given that they are fundamentally different in nature. As a consequence we may live in an undermining inner conflict. Voice Dialogue neither can nor desires to eliminate or change these differences, but rather can increase our ability to bear with these differences and to integrate them in our life.

Often we know and live our subpersonalities only superficially, because anytime it emerges, it is compensated or replaced by a counterpart. The role and contribution of the subpersonality therefore remains limited and we miss the rich potential it carries. We may collide with certain sub personalities that we encounter in others. Then we may feel discouraged, we don’t know what to do, or those subpersonalities may evoke strong rejection and judgement in us.

A strength of Voice Dialogue is that nothing is excluded. Nothing needs to be discarded. It rather adds and deepens. That results in more inner space, which allows the emergence of a healthier balance and more freedom of choice.

Topics in Voice Dialogue
The creators of Voice Dialogue, Hal and Sidra Stone, in response to questions from their students, write about essential topics in this section. They are reproduced here with their kind permission. Here you can find the original texts from their website.

Each topic is an explanation of a fundamental concept in Voice Dialogue, or a clarification of a distinction between related concepts.

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