Molino del Salar

The Molino del Salar living and working place is located in the golden light of the campo, about 3 kilometers from the village of Benamaurel.

It consists of a large house, a mansion, in which three apartments have been realized, each with its own kitchen, bathroom, sanitary, wood stoves and one or more bedrooms.

The house is large, dates from 1800, is old and lived through and combines modern comfort with beautiful authentic details.

Behind the large front building are rooms hewn out of the hill by hand: partly cave dwellings, with high vaulted ceilings and an underground waterway that leads to the mill. These cave houses have a beneficial indoor climate given by the earth with coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

In addition to the main building, there are many carved rooms that were formerly used as stables or workshops. There is a ruin of a church and there is an old water mill where Maria and Ide have moved to live.

The place is an oasis that is encompassed by the surrounding landscape. You feel included and carried by Nature and the Silence.

To the east are extensive pine forests and moors. To the south you look out over the village of Benamaurel in the distance. To the south and west lies the fertile valley with an original, unparcelled farming landscape. It resembles a scenic landscape with eroded rock walls. The River Guardal flows through it, along with an ingenious system of waterways, built by the Moors and Romans. In the north you see a vast desert-like landscape with the high mountains of Carzola in the distance.

We experience the Altiplano of Granada, recognized by Unesco and included as a natural and cultural heritage, as a special place of strength. The site of Molino del Salar also has a great carrying capacity and a healing effect. The whole has stood empty for more than 40 years, open to the elements. Maria and Ide are restoring the whole step by step and building it up into an original and harmonious whole. For themselves, for the place and for people who want to turn inward and who need a guided or unguided Retreat or a Quest.

You can also recharge and enjoy a special holiday.

Or you can, against board and lodging, come and help for a few hours a day with everything that needs to be done: such as on the land, in the vegetable garden, in the other gardens or on the buildings.


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