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In my work I bring depth and a healing, transformative power with me. I focus not only on what is not going well, but also on the motivations and creativity that often turn out to be hidden in deep desires. As much as possible I work with the inner knowing and the often locked-up potential of the people who come to me. They come for support, clarification, healing and deepening in current themes and issues.

Fueled by my own experiences and trained in multiple disciplines, I combine and integrate contents in the field of psychology, therapy and spirituality and tailor them to the world of my clients.

I work in the Netherlands and in southern Spain

In the Netherlands I do this for various clients and clients at multiple locations. In Andalusia I live and work in an archaic, agricultural area that lies on the unique, quiet and magical Altiplano of Granada. I manage a terrain in Andalusia with, among other things, 300 olive trees, quiet places and beautiful views. In this area of ​​cave houses we have realized two comfortable apartments for guests. For people who want or need to distance themselves from their daily worries and who need time and space for themselves or for their relationship.

Besides the opportunity to stay and explore the beautiful area, I offer many types of retreats and nature quests that are often tailor-made. Supported by and embedded in the primordial and pure power of nature, this is the place par excellence where I can bring together my psychological work and aspects of the practical spirituality of the Old Knowing of natural peoples. Individual and/or relationship processes are thus deeply anchored and connect to a more natural, own rhythm and Being.


Is one of the founders of Voice Dialogue in the Netherlands. Has co-developed and implemented the substantive programs of the ITP from the first hour (mid 1980s) at home and abroad. Is a trainer: Has educated and trained many professionals in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves and transformation processes. Has worked with organizational development within profit and non-profit organizations. Trained in several streams of modern psychology. Trained as a (creative) therapist. Is trained in various Ancient Traditions. In particular, she has been inspired by the traditions of North American Indians since the late 1970s. Combines psychology, therapy and spirituality in her work. She is elder, senior, mother of a son, partner and part of various circles and (professional) networks.

Recommendation by Hal & Sidra Stone, developers of the Voice Dialogue method Maria Daniels is a master as a teacher. She imparts to everything she does a depth and maturity that arises not only from her studies, but also from a wide variety of life experiences. She has lived a full and fully explored life. Maria  has been working with us for more than 20 years and with Voice Dialogue as a senior staff member in our trainings. Her teaching and guidance are both excellent.”

Hal: ‘You have this special gitf with vulnerability’.

Maria has contributed to and works in accordance with the guidelines for quality and ethics in the International Voice Dialogue Agreement  (IVDA). I am registered with the CRKBO.

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