Training Towards Spirituality

Has co-developed and implemented the substantive programs of the ITP from the first hour (mid 1980s) at home and abroad. Is a trainer: Has educated and trained many professionals in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Sel

Training Towards Spirituality

With Maria Daniels on the tranquil and magical Altiplano of Granada in Andalusia
Towards Spirituality is a retreat training incorporating modern psychology; such as Voice Dialogue , the Psychology of Selves and Biographical Work, is combined with the bed of the Ancient Knowing of our ancestors.

The psychological and energetic deepening will go hand in hand with experiences in nature, in relation to Spirit and Forces that are present in and around us. Towards Spirituality: the title refers to an intrinsic movement that lives in us and that is nourished by the Inner Knowing as motor and compass.

An Inner Knowing that is sometimes clearly heard and felt. Often the contact with it is fleeting and weak. Then these deeper layers in our consciousness remain unreachable and lie dormant or in the background. However, you hear the whisper and the cry for meaning and inspiration.

You feel a longing for your connection with and for rooting in a Greater Whole. You look for ways to deepen your relationship with your own and natural power and Inner Knowing, You allow yourself a magical journey in which you catch glimpses of the Mystery and learn to recognize and honor the wisdom and the mirror of nature .

Towards Spirituality is about an exploration and deepening in the context of inspiration. Biographical research, Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, combined with the experience of the traditions of the ancients that remained vital. This together with the experience of the beauty, the mirror and the wisdom of Nature. They are sources that can have a lasting meaning for your life path and therefore also for the life path of others. Towards a deepened relationship with one’s own, clear and natural strength.

We will work in the group and individually. We are going to be outside together and alone in different places. We will connect with the elements and with natural rhythms. The experience of the night, the full moon and the sunrises and sunsets will be part of the program. Julie stay on our private property. Somewhere on the old estate you will be accommodated with sufficient comfort and privacy and spaces to be together. There will be a special cook for the catering who has proven to be able to cook more than tasty and versatile. The whole is located in a beautiful area for walking and exploring.


Towards Sprituality is intended for anyone who feels personally and/or professionally addressed by it.

In addition to a schedule, the substantive program is tailor-made. This means that in addition to our offer, we will tune in to themes that are at play and to the movements that are there. So that everything can grow into a fascinating, layered and organic whole.

Elements from which the program can be built include:

  • Regularly recurring space for exchange and for sessions.
  • Elements from Ancient Traditions such as connecting you with Spirit, with the Earth and with the Forces of the 4 cardinal directions. a medicine
  • walk. A modified Vision Quest. A drum journey.
  • Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves
  • The medicine wheel as a transformation model to be experienced
  • Biographical work
  • Different (nature) meditations and ways of focusing
  • Mirroring as a way of facilitation technique.
  • Ways to get to know nature as a source of wisdom and bed.
  • Connecting and exploring elements
  • Deep listening to silence
  • Training Awareness
  • star and moon gazing
  • Room for working with creativity and with dreams
  • Making a rite of passage
  • Last but not least: the whole thing will be larded with various introductions to substantiate and frame the experience gained.

Cost of training

€ 1,250 Private rate
€ 1,750 Business rate
A scheme is possible for people with a low income.

Accommodation costs: € 490 full board

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