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♦ I had the opportunity to take coaching sessions with Maria at her new site in Benamaurel in May 2019. We had outdoor sessions on her land, in different places (near the river in a nice shady area surrounded by trees, on top of the hill to take in the amazing views, etc.) and at different times of the day (sunrise, sunset, and during the day) to follow my rhythm. The outcome of these sessions was amazing! Thank you Maria.
Nadine, june 2019

♦ A week with Maria Daniels in Benamaurel, Spanje is a very special Experience. 

Subtle, nuanced and very impactful sessions, interspersed with more experiential work in nature. In one week a new paradigm was revealed to me to perceive the world in a completely different way. Maria is sharp, very involved and knows exactly when what was needed in my process. Impressive, deepening and a process in which I became an adult in a subtle way.

Gijs, June 2019

♦ A spiritual reset’ – that’s what we were hoping for and that’s what we got. 

The subtle guidance of Mary and the beautiful surroundings helped us to connect with our essence, with each other and the magic around us. Our senses have been opened by connecting with nature, where we have experienced a magical night. With beautiful rituals there is room for more spirituality.

After more than 20 years together, it was very inspiring to make and experience this journey together, to feel the connection on many layers. 

With thanks to Maria, who offers a loving welcome for everything that presents itself. No pressure, but space! The process may unfold from within and it does so fully. Maria is herself. This gives room to be ourselves as well. It is nice to laugh like this with each other, to be touched, to go into the depths, to be creative, to make ourselves known. 

Thank you for this wonderful journey.
Abel and Eelco, June 2019


♦ “The place is phenomenal. It is located a few kilometers outside a village in a wild and mountainous landscape. The landscape reminds me of a seabed, where the water has subsided and wind and erosion have had little chance to affect the landscape. The yard consists of a few mountains, in which several caves have been dug. We stayed in the cave, which has been specially renovated for the guests. Staying in a cave gives a feeling of security, as if you were sitting safely in the lap of the earth. We drove a morning to a lake, half an hour from the cave. There is a stream with natural hot water from a well. We sat there relaxing in the sulphur-rich water, despite the fact that it was winter.”

♦ Marc and Barbara
“Last July, Barbara and I travelled from the Costa Blanca to Andalusia. The children stayed with grandparents in their super-de-luxury house with swimming pool and ocean views.

And we finally had another week of adventure for just the two of us. The drive of a few hours brought us into a completely new environment: the Antiplano of Granada. An area that most of us probably pass by at 120 kilometres per hour, on our way to the famous tourist places like Granada, Malaga, Seville and Cordoba. And so miss the opportunity to admire and experience a unique and almost untouched landscape. Luckily we don’t.

If you leave the (very good) Spanish highway at Baza and drive into the interior in a northerly direction, you will fall from one surprise into the next. The vastness, the colours, the variety, the tranquillity and above all the beauty are impressive. You can see a village here and there against the hills, but at first sight you would think that the area is otherwise uninhabited and uninhabited. Until you come closer and take a closer look: they do cultivate arable land, agriculture and livestock and people live here and there in the region. Their cave dwellings almost disappear in their natural environment. The place is a wonderful example of this.

Maria and Ide develop and manage the place with great care, attention and vision. And that’s why so much beauty grows and blooms. With the same attention and warmth we were received, or rather: welcomed. We enjoyed the comfortable and spacious caves, the good company and good conversations, the delicious food and drinks and all the beautiful places in the area where we have been together. It was great. Lots of love and greetings!”

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