Relationship therapy and training

After a time too many painful and undermining patterns can enter your relationship and the need can be there to deepen or reestablish your connection. Possibly there are not so many big items or problems in your relationship, but you want to invest in your self and your partner and in the connection that lives between you. You want to nourish it by a natural and healthy deepening and an inspiring unfolding.

There can be problems though that bother you and sadden your relationship. Maybe you have ended up in roles and there are growing more and more expectations that imprison both of you. The “You should and shouldn’t”, or “You always and you never”, whether this is expressed aloud or not, are killing the joy and intimacy. Maybe traits of your partner that where charming in the beginning, are setting you up now or visa versa. Maybe traits of your partner that you did not like that much from the beginning, somehow take on unbearable proportions or visa versa. Maybe something big happened, or one of you did just that what was too traumatizing and you do not seem to be able to forget or forgive.

Maybe life is changing both or one of you in one way or the other and you and/or your partner are not able to catch up on that. You are missing a shared sense of wonder and happiness just because of being together. Feelings of shortage are becoming too big or the balance in the giving and taking is disrupted. Maybe you wonder if it is better to split up or not. You need clarifying in what is going on before jumping into conclusions. Or you want to do something about it. You want to heal and make the relationship work again.

You can come:

Together: You are coming the both of you and we will work with what is going on in your contact and interactions. Sometimes we can work with one of you in a session to deepen or heal or clarify a personal theme that plays an important role in the relationship. The other one will be witnessing this session.

Alone: You can come alone to investigate in what is happening for you in your relationship. To get more clarity and consciousness on what is happening in you. You can work on your themes. Or you can come to conclusions of what this all means for you and your life.

A combination: A good combination of coming together and alone can also be very helpful.

Formats: You can come for a series of separate sessions in Amsterdam. Or you choose for a retreat with the length from of 2 to 5 days either in Amsterdam or in Maria’s place in Nature in Andalucia Spain. A program with separate sessions and a retreat is also a very good format. You also can choose for a special combination of a retreat and a quest in Maria’s place in Andalucia Spain.

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