Practical information

How does a program for therapy and training look like?

We make a first appointment to make acquaintance with each other. We will do a form of intake, clarify the themes that are important to you. If we feel good about our contact we will make a plan. Mostly we shift already into a session in this first meeting. You can reach me by e-mail ( or telephone. There are different options in formats

A program of separate sessions

If we decide to embark on a program of sessions, I usually recommend a series of five sessions. Each session lasts about two hours. Depending on what is going on we sometimes need less than five sessions and sometimes more. We focus on working in depth in the sessions and on the integration of the process in daily life situations in the time in between the sessions.

Most of the time these series of sessions take place in Amsterdam in The Coachhouse at Van Eeghenlaan 27. We can also decide for on another location.

A Retreat

If you want to work intensively on your process during several consecutive days, then a retreat is a good idea. You can leave the daily routine behind and take time for yourself or being together with your partner without the many distractions or claims from the outer world. Prior to the retreat, we determine a program that is tailored to needs, wishes and possibilities.

During the retreat, you will do a series of morning and/or afternoons sessions. We make sure that the program leaves you enough time for rest and digesting the process.

On average a retreat takes 2 to 5 days. After the retreat we will meet again to evaluate what has been happening with your process in daily life and if something else is needed.


You can come to the magical city Amsterdam for your retreat if you want to be in a more cultural environment. You book your place to stay and we will meet for sessions at Van Eeghenlaan 27 in the Coachhouse. Or you can come to Maria’s beautiful land in the middle of Nature and Silence and experience a stay in our special and comfortable cavehouse -appartements on the Altiplano of Granada in Andalucía, Spain.

Retreats and Quests

These are special programs that exclusively take place on Maria’s land, on the magical Altiplano of Granada in Andalucia Spain and the nearby environment. You’re staying there and the presence of Nature are explicit part and bedding of the program and the process that will take place.

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