Personal development

Sometimes you need a guide. You need someone who can make contact and stand beside you, who can mirror you and who can give a hand in opening possibilities for your growth and development. You need clarification and want to bring deepening in and meaning to what is going on in your life. So you can have the trust and stability for a shift or transformation to happen. It can be a big step to reach out (again) for help and guidance What drives and motivates you to reach out can be your repetitive experience of a nagging frustration, fear or anger. Or you know from a deeper inner level of knowledge and longing that something needs to shift.

Shifts in your self, in your relationships with other people, in your work or in your sence of meaning and belonging in this world. Shifts maybe that concern your spiritual reality, your relationship with Nature and with Spitit. Often the proces takes place at all these levels at the same time.

In order to embody more and more a path of your truth, in contact with strenght and vulnerability. That this may be a Walk in Beauty.

Maria offers Personal Developmenet through Individual Therapy and Training and Relationship Therapy and Training and through Retreats and Quests. In Holland and in Andalucia Spain. She always works tailor made in order to be flexibal to adjust to what is wanted or needed in your specific situation.

Maria is one of the founders of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves in the Netherlands since 1985. Untill this day Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves are a big inspiration for her personally and in her work. It is under her skin and amongst others, they are one of the main appraoches that she uses in her work .


Possibilities are:

  • A program of separate sessions in Amsterdam
  • A retreat in Amsterdam or on Maria’s terrain in Andalucia Spain
  • Retreats and Quests on Maria’s terrain in Andalucia Spain
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