By Hal & Sidra Stone

“Maria Daniels is a master teacher. She brings to everything she does a depth and maturity that come not only from her studies, but from a wide variety of life experiences as well. She has led a full — and fully examined— life. Maria has been working with us and with Voice Dialogue for over 25 years and has served as senior staff in our trainings. Her teaching and facilitation are both excellent.”

Hal & Sidra Stone

Originators of Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves and amongst more, the authors of “Embracing Our Selves”.

By Ietje Lindermann

Maria is a companion/facilitator/counselor and coach who sees what is often still invisible, either for a person, a team or organization. Her sensitivity and profound insight bring qualities and energies into the consciousness and let you experience their functioning and effect in daily life. Maria is down to earth and spiritual at the same time. Down to earth by staying close to everyday reality and spiritual because she can connect individual themes with universal themes and one’s authentic strength.

Because of her own profound insight and personal development/growth she strongly knows the way transformation processes develop as well as what is required to enable this. She works from a tranquil base, which gives room to inner movement. She works lovingly, accepting all that is. For me she is THE coach that I go to for persistent patterns and important changes/transitions in my life.

Ietje Lindermann, senior trainer/advisor at GITP

By Hal Stone
‘You are an energy master and you have this special gift with vulnerability’

Hal Stone, in conversation with Maria Daniels

By Elia

“You have a talent for ‘total conversion’, to enable people and to give them faith — that one indeed can change oneself, by letting something emerge, that wants to come out from the inside.”


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